Liste des titres

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Two In Love
19h03 : Un Amour Comme Le Notre
19h06 : Get Happy
19h09 : Ac Cent Tchu Ate The Positive
19h13 : The Bare Necessities
19h18 : I M Beginning To See The Light
19h24 : Let S Be Happy
19h26 : The Happy People
19h32 : Sentado A Beira Do Caminho
19h37 : Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
19h45 : Americano Meccano
19h50 : Entre Deux Reves
19h58 : Over The Clouds
20h06 : Breakfast In Baghdad
20h12 : Loin Du Monde
20h21 : Grandma S Hands
20h24 : West End Blues
20h29 : I Should Care
20h38 : So What
20h49 : Eighthundred Streets By Feet
20h59 : Itw Aao