Liste des titres

Programmation musicale

19h03 : Baby It S Cold Outside
19h09 : Nica
19h14 : Breakdealer
19h22 : Epoche
19h29 : Be Good
19h38 : Oh Lady Be Good
19h41 : New York
19h47 : Jive Samba
19h50 : Tukka Yoot S Riddim
19h56 : The Mask
20h01 : The Doo Bop Song
20h06 : The Lee Morgan Story
20h10 : Git-go Blues
20h22 : In Walked Bud
20h29 : Call Me By My Rightful Name
20h30 : Call Me By My Rightful Name
20h36 : Spoken Introduction To John Coltrane
20h37 : One Down One Up
20h50 : Afro Blue