Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : I M Be Boppin Too
19h03 : Be Bop
19h11 : New Orleans
19h16 : Stretto From The Ghetto
19h23 : Feeling Of Jazz
19h30 : Feeling Good
19h33 : Wavy Gravy
19h38 : Velhos Tempos
19h43 : The Girl From Ipanema
19h49 : Samberland
19h53 : Distance By Clockwork
19h57 : Eighty Eight Days In My Veins
20h05 : On The Wild Sidewalk
20h11 : The Sidewalks Of New York
20h19 : Big City Blues
20h29 : Welcome To New York
20h30 : Welcome To New York
20h34 : Cleanhead S Blues
20h39 : Coin Down Slow
20h47 : Manteca
20h57 : Shalo Baby