Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : All I Want For Christmas Is My Two F
19h03 : Sifflez En Travaillant
19h06 : Ain T Gwine Whistle Dixie
19h13 : Groovy Gravy
19h21 : Jawa Jawa
19h28 : Hard Bop Merry Go Round
19h34 : Mother S Song
19h41 : La Luna Mentitosa
19h46 : Berlin Blues
19h50 : Silver S Blue
19h58 : Hamp Swings The Bells
20h01 : Slaughter On 10th Avenue
20h07 : Falling In Love With Love
20h13 : Desiderio
20h23 : Canto Mai
20h29 : Walking In My Sleep
20h31 : Italian Leather Sofa
20h36 : Franck Sinatra