Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Ma Belgique
19h06 : Into The Dark
19h12 : Willow Weep For Me
19h16 : Rio De Janeiro Blue
19h21 : This Is What You Are
19h29 : Shootin Dice
19h34 : Alice In The Sky
19h44 : No Surprises
19h47 : The Golden Horn
19h52 : Corney Shop Sue
19h56 : Indian Cradle Song
19h59 : Le Jour Ou Je Te Vis
20h02 : Daphne
20h09 : Take The A Train
20h11 : Nica S Dream
20h23 : Waiting
20h27 : Take Me In Your Arms
20h32 : Broadway Combination
20h36 : Binky Stage Banter 1