Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Passionate
19h06 : Waiting
19h10 : Nuit Sur Les Champs Elysees
19h16 : And How / Hoped For Your Love
19h20 : Brand New Music
19h24 : Monopoly
19h28 : Ferdinando
19h33 : Running After Years
19h40 : I M Satisfied
19h44 : I Love To Love You
19h47 : Lemon Pie
19h51 : Wang Dang Doodle
19h56 : Prelude To A Kiss
20h03 : Easy Living
20h09 : It S Time
20h15 : Comes Love
20h19 : Have You Met Miss Jones
20h25 : Who They Wish I Was
20h31 : Peri S Scope
20h37 : Bright Mississippi
20h44 : At The House In Da Pocket
20h53 : Mr Gentle And Mr Cool