Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Cantaloupe Island
19h08 : One For Daddy O
19h16 : Light Upon Rita
19h27 : Assimilation
19h33 : Forget Me
19h37 : Forgetting To Remember
19h40 : Pussy Cat Dues
19h57 : Yes I Can No You Can T
20h02 : If You Wanna Boogie... Forget It
20h06 : Soul Intro / The Chicken
20h14 : Old School Soul
20h16 : It Don T Get No Better
20h20 : The Old Country
20h24 : Moving Muddle
20h29 : Waiting For Miles
20h30 : Waiting For Miles
20h31 : So What
20h42 : Bye Bye Blackbird
20h51 : Walkin