Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h02 : Movin And Groovin
19h05 : Bar Stool Paradise
19h09 : Uluwati
19h13 : When Did You Leave Heaven
19h19 : The Good Life
19h22 : On Serait Des Chats
19h25 : Over The Clouds
19h32 : Solid Air
19h38 : Bridge Over Troubled Water
19h45 : Ain T Gwine Whistle Dixie
19h53 : Georgia On My Mind
19h57 : My One And Only Love
20h03 : Herio Bichebo From Earth This Is Your Son
20h06 : Milonga En Re Pour Violon Piano Et Contrebasse
20h11 : Mode Sahli
20h14 : The Astounding Eyes Of Rita
20h22 : Mumakata
20h31 : In The Still Of The Night
20h34 : Drume Negrita
20h39 : Dos Caminos
20h45 : Fever
20h50 : Le Vieux Tsigane
20h54 : Tangled Up In Blue
20h58 : La Javanaise