Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Will
19h07 : Mr. Clean
19h12 : Who They Wish I Was
19h18 : Hit The Road Jack
19h21 : Don T Call Me Junior
19h27 : Dry Soul
19h34 : Playing
19h39 : The Stars Are In Your Eyes
19h45 : Me N You
19h51 : You D Be So Nice To Come Home To
19h59 : Got The Blues In My Heart
20h04 : Bad Detective
20h08 : Drifting Blues
20h16 : Sweet Shelter Of Mine
20h21 : Secret Of The Wind
20h25 : Photograph
20h30 : Peri S Scope
20h35 : Bright Mississippi
20h43 : At The House In Da Pocket
20h52 : Mr Gentle And Mr Cool
20h59 : Demasiado Corazon