Liste des titres

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Harlem Country Girl
19h06 : Some Kinda Blues
19h12 : Inside
19h18 : You Go To My Head
19h25 : Diamonds Are A Girl S Best Friend
19h28 : My Heart Belongs To Daddy
19h34 : Piccola Nina
19h41 : Nina Never Knew
19h44 : Nature Boy
19h50 : Troisieme Mue
19h56 : Plurabella Strikes Again
19h59 : Plurabella Strikes Again
20h02 : Peanut Vendor
20h08 : The Peanut Vendor
20h11 : The Duck
20h13 : Bebe
20h17 : Dead Sea Scrolls
20h30 : Cantabile
20h37 : Medley