Liste des titres

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Rendez Vous Au Club Jazzafip
19h01 : Welcome To The Club
19h04 : Stompin At The Savoy
19h10 : Glory Box
19h16 : You Are Too Beautiful
19h22 : My Favorite Things
19h34 : My Favorite Things
19h38 : Psalmen
19h43 : Autumn Leaves
19h54 : Americano Meccano
19h59 : 7 Rayos
20h04 : Al Vaiven De Mi Carreta
20h08 : Omer Beze
20h13 : Zvijezda Reloaded
20h19 : Les Sept Fils D Hanna
20h22 : Antiochus Iv
20h27 : Dust
20h29 : Sagg Shootin His Arrow
20h30 : Sagg Shootin His Arrow
20h35 : This Could Be The Start Of Something
20h42 : For Everyone Under The Sun
20h48 : After Hours
20h55 : Let S Stay Together