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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Wednesday Night Hop
19h05 : I M Beginning To See The Light
19h09 : Doodlin
19h20 : Song For My Father
19h27 : Eleven Long Years
19h31 : Low Class Conspiracy
19h35 : Mellow Mood
19h44 : Attends
19h51 : Pasiphae
19h57 : Autumn Serenade
20h02 : Tis Autumn
20h06 : A Little Bird Told Me
20h08 : The Windfall
20h13 : African Mist
20h20 : Monchoachi Welele Nou
20h32 : Split Kick
20h42 : Once In A While
20h47 : Now S The Time
20h56 : Confirmation