Liste des titres

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Rendez Vous Au Club Jazzafip
19h01 : Noche De Ronda
19h05 : Topsy
19h17 : But Not For Me
19h20 : I Got Rhythm
19h27 : Joseph Joseph
19h31 : Too Close For Comfort
19h34 : Afro Blue
19h39 : Almost Alive
19h45 : The Thrill Is Gone
19h50 : Glory Box
19h55 : Women
19h59 : Oc Dc
20h00 : Oc Dc
20h04 : Bones
20h09 : B.b. Jams With Guests
20h24 : When The Saints Go Marching In
20h25 : I M On My Way
20h32 : It Don
20h42 : Goin Down Broadway
20h53 : Continuum
20h55 : I M On My Way Intro
20h56 : I M On My Way