Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Al Mood Samba
19h01 : Generique Club Jazz A Fip
19h05 : A Felicidade
19h10 : Rock My Boat
19h15 : The Line Up
19h21 : Bacon And Eggs
19h26 : To Wisdom The Prize
19h32 : Piccola Nina
19h38 : Moon On The Sky
19h44 : Some Kinda Blues
19h50 : Singin The Blues
19h56 : Bayou Belle
20h00 : Tell Me Where You Stayed Last Night
20h07 : The Late Late Blues
20h16 : Roofdogs
20h21 : Moon
20h29 : My Romance
20h37 : Wonderwall
20h46 : Lone Live In Paris
20h59 : Welcome To Europe