Liste des titres

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Girls And Boys
19h05 : Caravan
19h12 : Quiet The Cat
19h17 : Big Chief
19h22 : Since I Fell For You
19h26 : Its Over Now
19h31 : Man In The Box
19h34 : Blue Greens
19h45 : Soul Burst
19h50 : Tress Cun Deo La
20h00 : Home Is Where The Hatred Is
20h12 : Pastime Paradise
20h21 : Dirt Road
20h28 : Ain T That Peculiar
20h32 : Introduction Of The Band
20h33 : Blue N Boogie
20h47 : Take Five
20h50 : Milestones
20h59 : Mack The Knife