Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Generique Paddy Club Jazz A Fip 1
19h01 : Salt Peanuts
19h08 : Rock My Boat
19h13 : Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
19h23 : I M An Old Cowhand
19h28 : All Things Gone Blue
19h31 : Edward K
19h37 : And Sammy Walked In
19h42 : Who They Wish I Was
19h48 : I Talk To The Trees
19h54 : Morning Dew
20h01 : Chosen Kind
20h05 : Money In Your Pocket
20h09 : Statesboro Blues
20h12 : Grant S First Stand
20h21 : Not So Sleepy
20h26 : Visions
20h31 : Falling In Love
20h39 : This Here
20h50 : Teo
20h57 : All Night Long