Club Jazzafip du Mardi 13 Octobre 2015

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Arturo O Farrill/the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra/bobby Carcasses - Blues Guaguanco
19h07 : Michel Camilo - Piece Of Cake
19h13 : Pno Frederic Charlent/ctb Remi Bouyssiere/bat Geoffrey Cormont - King Aymeric
19h18 : Sax Geraldine Laurent/pno Paul Lay/ctb Yoni Zelnik/per Donald Kontomanou - Another Dance
19h24 : Abbey Lincoln - Let Up
19h31 : Gui Duke Robillard - What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy ?
19h34 : Junior Wells - Got To Play The Blues
19h42 : Sullivan Fortner - You Know I Care
19h47 : Pno Remi Panossian Trio/bas Remi Panossian/bat Maxime Delporte/frederic Petitprez - Jeju Do
19h51 : Kurt Elling/gary Versace
19h56 : Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Theme For The Eulipions